I can do that in my country.

I stumbled into my place it was dark, because that damn porch light has been out for a month.

I just worked one of the most mentally exhausting 3 months of my life and realized how alive I feel, yet how dead at the same time. Its great to be doing something I am passionate about again. Just makes every day exciting to get out of bed. I go and I don’t even want to come home. It’s so weird.

But I still, know that I am living on a dangerous side of work/life balance and it’s affecting my home life. I am so seldom here that I buy food and it goes bad because I live AT WORK. I just sleep here. Theres clothes every where and everything is generally disorganized. Then I walk up and realize that I LEFT MY FRONT DOOR OPEN ALL FUCKING DAY!

I must have been in a rush… oh right… because I was trying to do 23 hours of courses in 3 days. To make sure I got a bonus, for a goal of 50 cars in a quarter, that I hadn’t yet sold, with only those same days left to sell. So I did the ONLY logical thing, I did an all nighter the day before. I was bagged. I literally forgot to close my front door leaving the house. I went to check if this computer was still here, as its probably the most easy to steal things worth good money inside my place.

And it made me think of something!

I can do that in my country.

It’s Canada Day and what an awesome place to live, and to all my American friends, we ALLLLLLLLL know that you think your country is an Amazing place to live.

What *I* think, is that NORTH AMERICA is a great place to live. So like an Edmontonian helping bail out a Calgarians hockey stadium.

Let’s be friends for a bit….



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