What the United States needs is a Woman President.

Ladies, I hope one of you reads this and jumps into US politics, I know it’s boring, and for good reason. It seems unnecessarily complicated, and slow, and if you paid attention for just one month of solid government news you would see how BADLY we need your help.

… I love the fear mongering that comes every time they threaten a government shutdown in the US.

They always talk about how hundreds of thousands of Normal every day workers will lose their jobs, national park rangers not punching the tickets to get in. Passport and registration offices closing…

Obama care is gonna stay, let’s face it. Obama is keeping that for his full term, that’s his legacy. Unless Boehner gets in then he might change it to Boehner care, which would be awesome.

Registrations, national parks, those actually represent pennies on the budget and they actually have pennies of revenue. The staff are also paid pennies. Nobody ever heard about a public scandal with a park ranger, and 7 hookers using government credit cards to go fishing on a private island getting a ride from the national guards Sea King helicopters.

Thats a “senator” thing.

What it should really mean is the big $200,000 pay checks get cut. The people teaching in schools, picking up the garbage, and running museums are DOING THEIR JOBS, it’s the stalled out aristocratic antiquated big Washington government that can’t do its job. Nobody has the balls to say that the US government needs a little more dictator and a little less bi-partisan quibbling.

If Obama wants to keep his Obama Care off the table, he needs to just grab his testicles, remind himself that they are there, ask the bean counters what they think and start calling the shots and tell his cronies on both the left and right what’s up.

The Keynesian idea of micro and macro economics is dumb and doesn’t work. The near 17 trillion dollar credit card that the governments maxed out simply highlights that.

The US government is no different than a family budget. Money in, money out, save what’s leftover, invest some of it for later, use the dividends from those investments to do something fun.

Knowing that, what the US government REALLY needs is a woman.

Yes, they need a woman running the show, not one of these Hillary Clinton women that are essentially just an extension of the masculine posturing in American government.

Nope, we see how that’s playing out for Redford here in Alberta. She has taken a conservative government, and spent like a liberal. Not to mention pat herself on the back with $60,000 luxury vacations.

The American government needs one of those real women, the ones who know what’s important. Who doesn’t waste time squabbling over what’s right, but just inherently knows. The kind of woman that sends the man off to do what he’s good at, go gather resources and come home to enjoy the spoils after enjoying the pride that comes with watching others benefit from his bounty…. And the resulting respect, appreciation, and booty. That shits all free.

A woman would not let her family starve, while her husband spends hard earned money trying to keep the neighbours from fighting. (Syria)

A woman would not give up her family vacation so her husband could spend 9 days off work paying all of his friends to discuss his credit card debt, meanwhile refusing to pay the bill, suffering late fees, because his friends couldn’t decide whether to pay visa or MasterCard first.

She’d just pay the fucking bills. Women have always done better in a family financial crisis, and men have always benefit from their no bull-shit approach. Women have found a way to get through college as a single mom working 4 jobs. Men go off to high paying jobs paid for with scholarships, get into alcohol and drugs and go bankrupt. They inevitably get it all back, but leave it to a man to blow a solid lead.

I don’t know all the details, I don’t waste all my time following the politicking of politics anymore, it’s a frustrating waste of time. You can get a pretty good grasp with just the headlines once you know how the lies read.

What I do know is that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Money in, money out, pay down debt and save. Earn better interest on investments, live below means and pay your damn bills. I know a hundred women who do a better job of that daily for their families, than any one of these silver spoon fed, rich kid, Ivy League graduates in Washington.

Guaranteed, give a good woman woman the job, in 6 months our soldiers will be at home. Americans would drop 30 lbs, universal healthcare would be a reality, the bills would be paid, education would be reformed and there would probably be a lot more productivity in the House.

……and daycare would be free. 😉

It’s sad but True fella’s

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3 thoughts on “What the United States needs is a Woman President.

  1. I think you are underestimating your own gender. Men can be very good at money managing. In fact in my experience that’s been the rule. Without Randy around, money would just fly out of my pocket (though without me around we’d have a lot less fun). Government needs to run like any household or business account. Money in = money out. That’s why Romney would have been so awesome. The problem isn’t really that Obama is terrible at economics, it’s that too many Americans voted for someone who was so obviously bad at it. Too many people want too much stuff for “free” and any president who keeps bribing the voters with “free” stuff is always going to win because voters are stupid. Don’t fix the president, fix the population. They need to pull up their belts and realize that everything comes at a cost.

    • Romney was an idiot, he didn’t understand social media and marketing enough to get voted president.

      And he’s a business man.

      Obama knows that free health care is not just vote bait, but needed in his country. Basic health is something you and I enjoy every day. I pay $5000-$9000 to income tax a MONTH these days and I still believe in many of our social programs because I see people benefit from them daily.


      He money it takes to put one bomb on Syrian soil would pay for a lot of museums, social workers, mans registries agents.

      Obama care wouldn’t be so expensive either if it weren’t for businessman going politicians (like Romney) that allow 1100% markup on pharmaceuticals. That’s un-American.

      A woman would shop around for a better price! Lol she’d buy that shit on Etsy.

      • Well first off I don’t believe health care is a basic right but that’s a different argument. Second of all we get “free” healthcare at the cost of quality. If you need a specialist or if you need something to happen right away, you have to go to the states.

        Allowing any kind of government intervention in places where it needs to keep its nose out is un-American. Liberty is supposed to be the whole point of America and it’s getting lost in the name of free condoms.

        As well, understanding social media does not alone make a good leader. There are more imortant things than being on Facebook. Ask Anthony Weiner how social media worked out for him.
        His marketing was that he knew what was needed to put the country back on the right track. The problem is that most Americans didn’t want to face that. They still don’t. He didn’t change his values in order to get people to vote for him which is something to be applauded. People didn’t want to vote for him because he told them the facts and they didn’t want to own up to it. The amount of credit card debt in the US is a testiment to their real values and nothing down there will change until that does.

        Anyways the gist of your post seemed to be that the US needs to check their spending (not sure if a woman is going to help with that but w/e.) Adding spending on healthcare isn’t going to help with that.

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