Edmonton Warehouse Killer cites Rapper Envy as Reason for Stabbings.

Recently in Edmonton, a 29 year old man Jayme Pasieka was taken into custody for the violent killings of several dark skinned males, at his workplace at Loblaws warehouse in Edmonton.

Whenever these horrible and absurd actions of violence happen, they always get national news coverage, and after the initial shock wears off. The first thing we all want to know is “Why?”. This question gives reporters endless volumes of content to fill the airwaves with and a captivated audience, that is what this post is all about;

“Why did Jayme Pasieka stab his co-workers at Loblaws Warehouse?” 

What was the newton killer wearing? What was in the columbine kids diary? What were his parents like? What kind of drawings did he doodle as a child? Was he made fun of? Was he a victim of bullying? Did he have friends?

We have a killer obsession with killers. We always want to know why.

In the case of Jayme Pasieka, he has been quite typical of the violent killer archetype. Co-workers cite he has few friends, appears to be of an odd nature. The pictures of him in the paper don’t help much.

Edmonton Warehouse Murderer


And in the almost text-book “crazy white kid” killer fashion, he has been nothing but co-operative. If they don’t die at the scene, that is how they always are in custody. When they die at the scene, there is always very well laid out suicide note, or – due to recent advancements in technology – suicide video.

So what is this whole “Rapper Envy” thing about?

Who gives a fuck. I made it up, all these clowns have a victims story or political agenda. They have been conditioned through years of media coverage that if you have something to say, and want to be heard, or believe things need to change, they think that the media is their puppet to be manipulated to their will, through the killing of – for the most part – innocent victims. It’s not always the case, but the thing going through many peoples minds before they commit this random acts of violence, is;

“Now they will know, and know they could have stopped it if they just…. *Blank*”

That is the precise message we need to stop sending to our youth, and society. That when you do something like this, there is no reward, that your message will get lost. That nobody cares about the opinion, or the plight, or struggles of someone who takes life in order to send a message.

When things like this happen, it should be viewed in societies eyes as a systemic problem. This Jayme Pasieka character was already up on charges for other things, it was one of the first things we heard about, that this guy was running around with a bow and arrow, burning a heart in the middle of the street, for the queen. Whether he is crazy, or was trying to profess his love for the hot girl next door, it’s really not going to matter at this point.

Correct me if I am wrong, but should the act of murdering innocent people be the sounding board for a message? Whether he was a victim of society, or bullying, or poor parenting, shouldn’t essentially be as important to everyone as it is. There are deeper issues at play here, that are not discussed because we as a society are more obsessed with what motivates the killer, than trying to discourage further killing.

Make Sense?

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