Edmonton Warehouse Killer cites Rapper Envy as Reason for Stabbings.

Recently in Edmonton, a 29 year old man Jayme Pasieka was taken into custody for the violent killings of several dark skinned males, at his workplace at Loblaws warehouse in Edmonton.

Whenever these horrible and absurd actions of violence happen, they always get national news coverage, and after the initial shock wears off. The first thing we all want to know is “Why?”. This question gives reporters endless volumes of content to fill the airwaves with and a captivated audience, that is what this post is all about;

“Why did Jayme Pasieka stab his co-workers at Loblaws Warehouse?” 

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How to Fail at Anything

Success is somewhat of a passion of mine.

You have to really know me to understand this particular post, for those of you that don’t here is me saving you 5 Harry Potter books of back story in short point form:

  • I came from a family that had a big financial success, and a big failure.
  • It was also a Loving marriage success, and its resulting failure.
  • My mom taught me what it meant to be resilient and to keep trying no matter how stupid it might seem.
  • My dad taught me that in order to succeed in this world, you need to be smart, he said he couldn’t teach me much, but that everything I needed to know was in books, so learn to read, and read well. He bought me a mega memory course, and a speed reading course, which taught me how to quickly consume and comprehend information, it has been my lives saving grace.
  • Ive since read over 200 books, less than 10 of them fictional in nature, the rest are reference material. Many Best Sellers, and many more relatively unknown.
  • I did it all because I so badly want to be successful, not so much for myself, but so that my families name MEANS something for a century after I die. I grew up around long standing rural Albertan families that basically paved the road for their kids. I want to do that for mine.

So, knowing that, I wanted to discuss the most fundamental skill needed to acquire in success. If you have read any of books on enhanced learning, you know that the fundamentals do not revolve on learning ABC, or how to go from “Easy to Hard” or learn Skill set 1, then Skill set 2, then Skill set 3, then learn how to combine all of them. That is not mastery, that just a good students way of finding out how to become a copy of another master.

To truly achieve Mastery you need to know the fundamentals of any particular skill or achievement you are trying to attain.

  • What do ALL the masters do, or have in common, or perform consistently?
  • What do ALL the masters NEVER do?
  • Where does every person learn always fail? What are the common failure points on the way to mastery? This is kind of like the second point, but in many cases it is very different. Sometimes it is fear based, or something you cannot change, that may mean you just can’t do it. Such as a 5’3″ tall basket player, sure, there are exceptions, but that does not then make it the rule.

However, that is not the key.

Before any of those can even happen, you need to pursue it fearlessly. You need to do it 100% Traction in a forward direction. In racing, drivers are taught that at ANY point, a tire can only have 100% traction. If you try to stop, and turn at the same time, a % of that traction is going towards holding you back, while another % of that traction is going to turning. The best of the best are focused on making every single movement devote 100% of the traction to the intended direction.

This is how you become successful at anything, you have to be able to clear your mind, and erase all other thoughts, and focus on that one action. If it is approaching that girl, it has to be for a reason, you must have ABSOLUTE intent in mind, not “see where it goes” but INTEND for it to go somewhere. They can smell fear. In so many cases you are in competition with a human, and to be a master at it, you cannot have any % of your brain applying traction in another direction than the one you have purposely set in motion.

Athletes call it being in the zone, players call it having game, artists call it a gift, Buddhists call it being “in the moment”. Whatever you call it, won’t make any difference.

To fail at anything, at the point where you can be decided successful, or a failure, whether it is a fraction of a second, or a decade, if you don’t apply 100% traction to the direction you want to go, you will undoubtedly fail. No amount of research, preparation, analysis, or can ever replace the drive, and 100% belief in yourself to ACT, persist with more traction than any one, or thing, that is wasting grip with second thoughts.

Where are you bleeding Traction right now?

You wanna know how to sell a lot of Cars?

I was talking with a guy at work, let’s call him Dodger. He’s an older guy in the biz, been in a few years. He has that Golden Retriever type temperament.

Some guys are just old war Hero’s that have this cock swagger of James Bond thing goin on – which is cool – but sometimes you get some real pieces of information from this guy, delivered in a way you almost feel obligated to respect. Yet never doubt it because your guy says he’s spot on.

I was talking about how I don’t know what to say when people remark on my sales throughout the day. I don’t see anything special. I’m just a 7 or 8 car guy, just twice as stressed out about making money, who works double the hours.

New people sometimes ask how I did a little above average or got the hang of it a litter quicker than normal. All I really can say is that I really wanted to. I just wanted to get past that awkward moment where you’re new and get to be good so I listened to everything the best had to say. I realized that there was probably a ton of ways to get it accidentally right, but from owning a business I learned that ‘accidentally right’ is just laziness. I would see it as laziness from my staff.

If anyone had anything to say that might help me sell more cars, it was the guys who have to go home every day after trying to teach people how to do what they know to be as second nature.

So I tried to listen to them and know WHY they want me to act a certain way, and what mistakes they learned from not doing it that way. Kind of like learning how to not get hurt on a rig. There was both body and mind tricks to make sure you didn’t catch yourself in a tight dangerous spot on a worksite, so it’s kind of like how to not get yourself into a bind in a sale, surely this could be beneficial to me.

Then I heard someone say “tell em what you’re gonna do, then do what you say you’re going to do, then tell em what ya did” and that made sense.

We all know it’s the right thing to say, to pronounce that we care, and that we will check in on them, and that we trust this to be the best vehicle for them.

But it’s another thing to actually do it.

I realized how big this was, to ACTUALLY give a fuck. If you could just honestly, try to really appreciate and give a fuck that these people parted with 40 or 50 THOUSAND dollars and 5-7 years of their LIVES, to a decision they make THAT DAY. When they go through that, they need to know you give a fuck like a doctor has to give a fuck when you’re on a table bleeding to death.

I honestly can’t WAIT to call my customers in the snow and hear how awesome their cars are in the snow compared to the last one.

To hear how yes. Their car IS still running great and how helpful this has been for the family. How YES they are happy still and don’t need another one. Because the minute they aren’t happy with it, they will be waiting for my call to say;
NO! This vehicle is no longer good enough”, I can get them a new one right away.

I think if there is any kind of advantage, it’s not the words, or that I’m smarter, or that I have some kind of “gift”. I’m just an average guy that’s stressing more, because I really worry about how happy my customers are……. And I think my guests can sense that? Maybe it’s just a little extra openness and letting them know I really actually want them to be happy, because you can appreciate the money they are spending, and understand it’s not about the profit, or the payment, it’s not about how much they want to see for their trade in.

It’s about you GETTING, that this is a huge decision for them, and it’s just your day job. But that if you actually give a fuck, they might pick up on that.

Money falling from the Sky

First of all, HAPPY CANADA DAY! That is what I was thinking about at the time of this writing.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this thought for about an hour or so, and every time I try to think of a good start, I Cannot seem to do it.

Starting is the hardest part about writing, to try and find a great opening, in a world of so much conversational obscurity, where this odd form of pseudo english has taken over and now we express enjoyment in an instant and represent it as three quick swings of the finger. Instead of actually finding GREAT moments to TRULY laugh out loud, like spending time with family, or doing something ACTUALLY funny. Much of our lives exists communicating via a text, or Facebook, and for a person who genuinely wants to share interesting thoughts.

Trying to get attention can be difficult.

So trying to come up with an opening sentence that will make you go past the common “tweet” of 140 characters can be a challenge.

Beating a Cat picture in a contest for attention with a Facebook status of 420 characters! That’s hard, trying to get you to spend a good 20 minutes reading something? Nearly Impossible.

So I listen to music, and today, for some reason, I decide to listen to “Brand New Music” and then “Todays Club Bangers“… not my usual music. And it start with this REALLY badass song by Rihanna.

After I heard the song “Money falling from the Sky” it all clicked it like a clear line, and I knew how to communicate this idea. It was suddenly being to be able understand you can see the forest through the trees.

For years I have been trying to figure out what my wealthiest smartest friend meant when he said;

“You can’t see the Forest through the Trees”.

Suddenly being proven untrue and I had a clear line of site through the forrest. I guess thats why the original quote was; “You cannot see the forrest for the trees”.

When you end it with “Through” the trees it implies that you can. You see an image in your head of seeing through trees. It has the wrong effect. When you end it “….for the trees” You think of walking face first into the the trees in your way.

One needs to occasionally stand back in life.

We can do that here in Canada.

Money is literally falling from the sky, what a great country we live in, and now, an Amazing world! You have to think about what the world was like when America came to be. There was still widespread colonial living, servants and slaves, people who were so beaten down that all they did was exist to work and sleep. Never free to enjoy creative expression or emotion.

Here we are spending much of our lives experiencing laughter one ‘LOL’ at a time. Often barely showing any sign of REAL human emotion.

Yet, its is a lot better than what it was in many ways. Some people decided to spend their lives trying to find a new home. To find a land of opportunity, a fresh start. A new beginning for a higher intelligence, and respect for humanity. They came to North America and by comparison, attempted to build a land that would be considered Paradise, by comparison. A place where people could work, and be free, where people could be themselves, and have the freedom to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. For them to find out what they are truly good at and potentially enjoy limitless happiness…. again… in comparison to the way things were.

You could come here, and work really hard, and get lots of opportunities to create your own greatness, and you could also choose to be rather ordinary and participate in the greater good for a fair wage. Rather than just do what you were told because you had no choice and to not do so would result in starvation or persecution.

Princes had to be kings, not teachers, and Teachers couldn’t be porn stars too.

So as you can see, it was a dark time.

Now we have these two countries that start this new Idea of freedom, and enjoyment gained for effort expended. Where intelligence is valued more than simple entitlement. Where the spirit of the person can come out.

A place where a person from India can mix butter chicken with a Poutine, and not be stoned for altering a sacred recipe with a foreign cultures cheesy gravy filled concoction of greasy goodness.

But that is Canada and yes, EVEN Americas crazy greatness, how could you get a more Canadian meal that Maple dipped Salmon over Rice, or any of the shit that Hudsons Canadian Taphouse makes for that matter!

When North America was first being developed, Racism was slavery and war built around culture and colour.

Now? Racism is me saying that North America is great because brown people have found out how to make a fortune in convenience. Whether it be driving taxis, or owning 7-11’s they are amazing at capitalizing on the human nature of desiring convenience.

Racism today would be me implying that Black people have found a home in North America by exploiting their own ability to be a public physical spectacle. It’s like Chris Rock Said;

Foot ball basket ball soc cer golf track… soon as they make a heated hockey rink we’ll take that shit too!

but it’s TRUE!!! They get paid millions of dollars to do it too!

And of course, the Jews just made banks to finance the people who exploit their ability to create amazing things you can’t afford, and then lend you the money to buy it!

I am sure that most ethnicities from slavery and destitution would gladly trade a little racial satire for being beaten to death for being born with a tan.

We live in a truly free country that is only getting more free. People keep talking about the 1% and how many billionaires their are. They secretly know that its people PASSING them, but they act as if its them being greedy.

When slavery was abolished, your random white guy had centuries of established success. Yet about a hundred years later, there are millions of those people now surpassing you. Women, who weren’t really made free to work, vote, and be their own people until about.. 1970, are now fast becoming millionaires, ahead of the random white male.

How can we possibly imply that in our world, we are going in the wrong direction. The way we do things has infected the world and all over the planet people are getting more and more free than they ever have been. More and more rich than they ever have been. More and more able to work, live longer, eat healthier, have less physical work and more intellectual stimulation.

This world is faster than ever before, becoming a better place for everyone. By comparison, Money is literally Falling from the Sky…

…and it all started with the decision for a few hundred people to say FUCK THIS, and hop in a boat sailing off into the oceanic abyss, to come to this new land full of trees and empty land, to build something from scratch.

And you think your job is hard?

Be fucking thankful you come from the best Country in North America… CANADA.. and if you’re from the United States?

Well, we can be friends for a little While.


Happy Fucking Birthday North America…. Let’s drunk dial England 🙂

I can do that in my country.

I stumbled into my place it was dark, because that damn porch light has been out for a month.

I just worked one of the most mentally exhausting 3 months of my life and realized how alive I feel, yet how dead at the same time. Its great to be doing something I am passionate about again. Just makes every day exciting to get out of bed. I go and I don’t even want to come home. It’s so weird.

But I still, know that I am living on a dangerous side of work/life balance and it’s affecting my home life. I am so seldom here that I buy food and it goes bad because I live AT WORK. I just sleep here. Theres clothes every where and everything is generally disorganized. Then I walk up and realize that I LEFT MY FRONT DOOR OPEN ALL FUCKING DAY!

I must have been in a rush… oh right… because I was trying to do 23 hours of courses in 3 days. To make sure I got a bonus, for a goal of 50 cars in a quarter, that I hadn’t yet sold, with only those same days left to sell. So I did the ONLY logical thing, I did an all nighter the day before. I was bagged. I literally forgot to close my front door leaving the house. I went to check if this computer was still here, as its probably the most easy to steal things worth good money inside my place.

And it made me think of something!

I can do that in my country.

It’s Canada Day and what an awesome place to live, and to all my American friends, we ALLLLLLLLL know that you think your country is an Amazing place to live.

What *I* think, is that NORTH AMERICA is a great place to live. So like an Edmontonian helping bail out a Calgarians hockey stadium.

Let’s be friends for a bit….