How to Fail at Anything

Success is somewhat of a passion of mine.

You have to really know me to understand this particular post, for those of you that don’t here is me saving you 5 Harry Potter books of back story in short point form:

  • I came from a family that had a big financial success, and a big failure.
  • It was also a Loving marriage success, and its resulting failure.
  • My mom taught me what it meant to be resilient and to keep trying no matter how stupid it might seem.
  • My dad taught me that in order to succeed in this world, you need to be smart, he said he couldn’t teach me much, but that everything I needed to know was in books, so learn to read, and read well. He bought me a mega memory course, and a speed reading course, which taught me how to quickly consume and comprehend information, it has been my lives saving grace.
  • Ive since read over 200 books, less than 10 of them fictional in nature, the rest are reference material. Many Best Sellers, and many more relatively unknown.
  • I did it all because I so badly want to be successful, not so much for myself, but so that my families name MEANS something for a century after I die. I grew up around long standing rural Albertan families that basically paved the road for their kids. I want to do that for mine.

So, knowing that, I wanted to discuss the most fundamental skill needed to acquire in success. If you have read any of books on enhanced learning, you know that the fundamentals do not revolve on learning ABC, or how to go from “Easy to Hard” or learn Skill set 1, then Skill set 2, then Skill set 3, then learn how to combine all of them. That is not mastery, that just a good students way of finding out how to become a copy of another master.

To truly achieve Mastery you need to know the fundamentals of any particular skill or achievement you are trying to attain.

  • What do ALL the masters do, or have in common, or perform consistently?
  • What do ALL the masters NEVER do?
  • Where does every person learn always fail? What are the common failure points on the way to mastery? This is kind of like the second point, but in many cases it is very different. Sometimes it is fear based, or something you cannot change, that may mean you just can’t do it. Such as a 5’3″ tall basket player, sure, there are exceptions, but that does not then make it the rule.

However, that is not the key.

Before any of those can even happen, you need to pursue it fearlessly. You need to do it 100% Traction in a forward direction. In racing, drivers are taught that at ANY point, a tire can only have 100% traction. If you try to stop, and turn at the same time, a % of that traction is going towards holding you back, while another % of that traction is going to turning. The best of the best are focused on making every single movement devote 100% of the traction to the intended direction.

This is how you become successful at anything, you have to be able to clear your mind, and erase all other thoughts, and focus on that one action. If it is approaching that girl, it has to be for a reason, you must have ABSOLUTE intent in mind, not “see where it goes” but INTEND for it to go somewhere. They can smell fear. In so many cases you are in competition with a human, and to be a master at it, you cannot have any % of your brain applying traction in another direction than the one you have purposely set in motion.

Athletes call it being in the zone, players call it having game, artists call it a gift, Buddhists call it being “in the moment”. Whatever you call it, won’t make any difference.

To fail at anything, at the point where you can be decided successful, or a failure, whether it is a fraction of a second, or a decade, if you don’t apply 100% traction to the direction you want to go, you will undoubtedly fail. No amount of research, preparation, analysis, or can ever replace the drive, and 100% belief in yourself to ACT, persist with more traction than any one, or thing, that is wasting grip with second thoughts.

Where are you bleeding Traction right now?